Clinics & Camps

ALL clinics and classes are sanctioned through USA Triathlon. You must have an annual USAT membership to participate in any classes and clinics. You will be asked to provide proof of membership (either your card or receipt) and your ID before participation in the first camp or clinic.

You can register for your membership with USAT here:

Upcoming 8-Week Cross Training Bootcamp:

This 8-Week Cross Training Bootcamp is especially designed for football players, track and field players, and any athlete looking to advance their core skills during the off season. This same program (though shortened) assisted my Spring 2016 Track N Field team to dominate Division Regionals and 90% of my team qualified for State Track & Field Championships.

You will not find the more comprehensive cross training program in the state. PAY IN FULL and receive a $50 discount. REGISTER TODAY!


8 Week Cross Training BootCamp

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