Endurance Coaching

Endurance Coaching

One-On-One, Group and Sport Teams Coaching Plans

Coach Dorsey conducts one-on-one and group coaching programs that use scientific principles and consider volume, frequency, duration and intensity over a periodized schedule to maximize one’s performance, strength, and potential in the sport(s). Periodized training programs are an athletes’ best friend to increase performance, decrease over training and injury while focusing on improving self.

What is a One-On-One or Group Coaching Plan? One on One Coaching is the highest level of coaching service available and Group/Team Coaching Programs remains the most economically friendly approach to training. Coach Dorsey designs an annual training plan (ATP) and customized workouts for each individual athlete with their specific goals in mind as well as group/team programs. The workouts are developed weekly or bi-weekly and uploaded to the athlete’s training account which is provided by the coach. An athlete or group periodized training schedule is both flexible and designed around the athlete’s personal lifestyle. It is very detailed and allows progression of training to maximize athlete potential.

Who is it for?  Coach Dorsey creates one-on-one or group coaching plans for young athletes in structure programs such as middle and high school;  collegiate athletes, triathletes, duathletes, runners, swimmers, and cyclists. Coach Dorsey also develop programs for groups such as swim teams, track and field, football teams, and multi-sport clubs, year-round. Coach Dorsey work with beginner to state and national level champions in single and multi-disciplined sports.  To be successful and to see the best results, the mindset of the athlete must remain the determination to improve, the will to succeed, and the need to capitalize on one’s strength and areas of improvement daily.

How many athletes do this?  Coach Dorsey works with no more than 10 athletes and 3 Groups up to 5-10 people at a time. Programs for sport clubs such as middle/high/collegiate should email Coach Dorsey at info@drtekemiadorsey.org no less than 6 weeks prior to the start of your season. This allows the best attention to detail possible for these athletes.

What are the athlete expectations?  Athletes who engage in one-on-one, group or team training plans are expected to keep training peaks accounts up to date by regularly marking workouts as complete, filling in or syncing their data, and writing comments about their workout as necessary.  Without this information, the coach cannot accurately monitor volume and progression or build an appropriate plan.  Athletes/groups/teams who do not complete this information at least once weekly risk being dropped as a client by the coach.  Communication is a big part of training success, so expect to communicate with your coach through your training peaks workouts or by sending an email each week.

How do I track and update my workouts?  It is easy!  Once the coach creates your account, you can access your training plan two ways:

1. The training peaks website on your computer, phone or iPad,

2. Free training peaks app that you can download onto your phone or iPad.

Once in your account, you can easily see your daily workouts and mark them as complete, incomplete or write notes to your coach.  You will also receive your workouts daily by email for quick reference.  More instruction will be provided once you sign up.

Do I need a heart rate monitor? Coach Dorsey suggest all athletes use a heart rate monitor for training.  This allows the coach to see all training data (mileage, heart rate, power, speed, time, etc). It is important to have one that syncs automatically to your training peaks and uploads the results of your training.  Coach Dorsey favorite device manufacturer is Garmin. An example is the Garmin 310XT, 910XT, 920XT, etc. Any of these devices or others close to it, will upload all the data the coach needs.  The more information the coach gets from your workouts, the better the training will be for you!

How long is the training plan?  Training plans are made specific to the needs of the athlete and their overall goals, programs, etc. If after the initial consultation, both the athlete/group/team and Coach Dorsey have determined the pairing is a good fit, a package plan can be purchased (see options below). Most of the training plans occur during the competing season and off season (year round). Training plans/programs are periodized based on where the athlete(s) remain in their training cycle – base, build, peak, race or transition (off-season).

What do I receive when I purchase a plan?  Upon purchasing a plan, you will receive an email within 48 hours requesting you to complete a few forms and a waiver.  Your coach will review the forms and set up a time to contact you for more details. You will then receive:

  • Initial Phone Consultation (30 minutes)
  • Review of athlete history
  • Goals and objectives outline
  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) development with an outline of your training and racing season
  • Customized weekly training schedule delivered to your private account electronically
  • Weekly or bi-weekly updates, monitoring and feedback of workouts by email
  • Premium Training Peaks account allowing you to see more workout stats
  • Premium Training Peaks account allowing athletes to move workouts around as desired unless locked in a certain day by the coach
  • Ability to upload your data automatically to your plan from Garmin, Polar and most other devices
  • A strength training program to incorporate with your training
  • Heart Rate Zones establishment for bike and run
  • Swim pacing
  • Power Zones for the bike (when applicable)
  • Regular contact with the coach via email, and phone
  • Analysis of submitted short video footage of swim, bike, run – monthly as requested
  • Pre and post-race contact to discuss strategy and results

Teams and groups are encouraged to contact Coach Dorsey at info@drtekemiadorsey.org to share more information on needs, goals, etc. 

One-On-One Coaching Plans                              

8 Weeks ($345.00)

12 Weeks ($510.00)

24 Weeks ($975.00)

One on One Coaching Prices

Important Information!  These training plans are for healthy individuals only. Clients must have a doctor’s approval to begin physical activity and be healthy enough to engage in physical activity.  Any concerns or limitations can be reviewed by the coach before you purchase a plan by emailing info@drtekemiadorsey.org with a description of your concerns or limitations.   Upon purchase of a plan, you will receive an email from the coach within 48 hours to schedule your initial phone consultation and to determine a start date for your training. Health history forms and a waiver are required before beginning the program.  All information provided is confidential.

All plan pricing options must be paid in full.  No refunds provided.

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